Side Wall Conveyor Belts

Conveyor belts that are equipped with side walls are highly effective. They are solid, have a good balance, and are able to transport multiple products under a large angle. REPA can deliver the side walls fully tailor-made.

Side wall belts have many advantages. For example, it can transport all kinds of different products in one time. In addition, this belt hardly needs any maintenance because together with the side walls it forms one piece, which means that there are a great deal less moving parts.

Thanks to its 90 degrees applicable angle, there is only little force required to let it run. Next, the vertical transport direction enables a more efficient use of the surface.

Side wall conveyors consist of various components. The major part is the belt itself. It can be a laterally stable, an ST-, an EP-, or a CP-belt. Mostly, the option chosen is a laterally stable belt because it is – obviously – very stable. This basic belt is then provided by cleats and side walls.   

Given our wide-ranging expertise, experience, and stock, we can deliver each desired side wall belt design.