HDPE rollers type RQ+

The REPA RQ+ rollers represent a new level of quality for the HDPE-roller. Compared to their steel counterparts, our HDPE-rollers have a number of considerable advantages:

  • They save a great deal of energy because they are half the weight of the steel rollers
  • They can resist multiple kinds of chemicals
  • They are corrosion-resistant
  • They are also highly resistant to wear-and-tear
  • They are equipped with an anti-static tube and underside  
  • In comparison with the steel rollers, their noise reduction is about 25%
  • The HDPE-tubes are completely dirt-resistant

REPA conducted all tests itself. The HDPE-rollers were subjected to three different tests:

The dust test:

We had the HDPE-roller rotate for 200 hours non-stop. During this time, no dust was observed in the bearing.

The water test:

Voor de watertest is er gedurende 72 uur water tegen de During the water test, water was sprayed against the seal of a continuously rotating HDPE-roller. Neither in the seal nor in the roller, any water was detected.

Rotation resistance:

For measuring the rotation resistance, we had the HDPE-roller make 600 rotations per minute under a radial load of 250 N. The test showed that the final roller resistance was very low, namely 0.96N.0,96N