Rollers/ drums/ trough idlers/ components

For several decades now, REPA Conveyor Belts has been operating as a total supplier in the conveyor belts branch. This activity started in the nineties, when large end-users started to express their need for one central contact point. One organisation that takes care of the replacement of all worn out product components. Not only do we supply rubber and plastic conveyor systems, we also deliver rollers, drums, trough idlers, belt canopies, scrapers, seal rubber, and cover material. Whereas in earlier days, no less than four or five companies had to be mobilised to replace the conveyor systems and components, now only one party is required. REPA succeeded in fully mastering this concept. Naturally, it only works if the products are of excellent quality and if they are available from stock. REPA has about 20,000 steel DIN rollers on the shelf and can also deliver HDPE rollers, trough idlers, and various automatic guiding rollers directly from stock.

You can find an extensive technical explanation on the quality of our products as well as several illustrations and lots of information on our website. And if you have a specific question or if you want to know some more details, do not hesitate to contact our experts.