Drums Old

REPA delivers all varieties of drums that you can think of. We have practically every size and type available for you. And if you wish, we can equip the drums with hot vulcanised rubber covers, for example, with a diamond profile.

These drums can be delivered at very favourable prices.

They are characterised by their high quality, which is the result of or/and reflected by the following measures:

  • In the drum tube, we always first make a chamber in which a welded flange is placed.
  • Prior to welding the flange, we heat it up in the oven. After the welding process, we carefully let the drum regain its temperature. Only in this way can a high-quality weld be realised.
  • Our drums may only be delivered to the client if they are perfectly balanced.

If you wish, we can equip your drums with hot-vulcanised covers of natural rubber. Natural rubber is highly resistant to several chemicals. Additionaly, in accordance with your wishes, we can provide the drum with a special profile.

Specialised drums

We deliver all regular and commonly used drums. But also if you are looking for items with specific requirements, for example spiral or vanant drums, we will be delighted to be at your service.

If you hand us a drawing of your desired product, we can draw up an offer.