Trough frame standard

REPA can deliver every type of trough frame or trough idler. Apart from all regular and standard frames, we also keep items in stock that have unusual sizes or that must meet particular prerequisites.

Whenever your usage situation requires a product that is lighter in weight, we can deliver self-supporting idlers, consisting of two or three parts.  

The aluminium trough feet are epoxy-coated in RAL9005 (black) and have a trough angle of 25°.

Galvanised rollers with a diameter of 50mm for trough idlers with a band width of 500, 650, or 800mm can be delivered from stock.

REPA is European stockist for DIN-standardised trough idlers, where:

  • H = Distance of the core of the middle roller to the underside of the U-beam
  • W = Width of the slots in the lower beam
  • FL = Length of the lower beam
Band width Angle rol- diam. axe- diam. IL Height H E FL B Profile
650 15° Ø89,
Ø20 258 125 890 940 14 U-70
800 15° 323 135 1090 1140 18 U-100
1000 15° 388 135 1290 1340 18 U-100
1200 15° 473 135 1530 1590 18 U-100

The frames that are available in stock all have double inlay slots.

Trough frame client-specific

In addition to the standard DIN-certified trough frames, you can also come to us for frames that must meet specific requirements and conditions!