Pintle and Cone belts

Especially for the agricultural sector, REPA manufactures pintle and cone belts inhouse. These belts are very suitable for the processing of, for example, potatoes and flower bulbs. REPA can provide all sizes, and the belts are standard equipped with tracking guides. For the more vulnerable products, REPA offers needle belts. The needles of these belts are thinner, more flexible, and very suitable for various kinds of vegetables and fruit. REPA can deliver the needle belts tailor-made, also in the colour blue.

The large advantage of a Cone belt is that it is highly suitable for heavier tasks, such as catching stones and hard clods that hide in the crops. Thanks to the thickness of the cones and their form, which is tapered at the bottom, no breaking or tearing is possible! The products are clean when they fall off the belt, while the vegetation and dirt are left behind between the cones. At the end of the belt, this material is removed with the aid of a comb.

The Pintle belt, also called the ‘de-budder’ (it removes surplus buds), is particularly designed for the flower bulb sector. The pintles have a finer form that is cylindrical, and are made of a soft kind of rubber, which prevents the flower bulbs from being damaged. By having two belts run one above the other, both at a different speed, the flower bulbs are being polished up, so to speak. Again, the dirt is removed at the end of the belt with the aid of a comb.