Rubber conveyor belts

REPA Conveyor Belts has more than eighty types of rubber conveyor belts in stock. All belts are manufactured in our hyper modern workplace. They can be vulcanised up to 2,200 mm at a hot temperature, even at the client’s location! Our world-wide network of dealers/distributors enables us to offer guidance and support in practically every country. REPA has more than 32 all-round service technicians that are happy to help you 24/7. Inhouse, we can equip our rubber belts with sidewalls and cleats on our semi-automatic production line. Because we keep all basic materials in stock, we can vulcanise the sidewalls at various heights and realise quick deliveries. The belts that we hold in stock have several valuable qualities; they are wear-, heat-, oil- and grease-resistant. We also have different types of belts in our assortment, such as ripstop, chevron and slide belts. In our warehouse, we keep everything in stock, which means that the end users are always served quickly. This approach reduces stagnation of your production process to a minimum.

REPA has teamed up with a number of other companies active in the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) market. Like us, these companies know that the belt is just as important as every other component of the complex conveyor system. Choosing the right belt plays a crucial role in the assembly process. Standard belts are not always the answer. It is oftentimes better and more efficient to create a special belt. This is clearly an example of our company’s added value in that REPA possesses a great deal of inhouse knowledge and technical know-how. As a result, REPA is able to manufacture tailor-made products entirely according to its clients’ wishes.