RE-TRACK belt guiding rollers

Our RE-Track belt guiding roller for standard procedures and heavy equipment is the RE-Track HD.

The RE-Track (HD) is our best performing guiding roller. This excellent roller has proven its outstanding guiding qualities time and time again in various industries, such as the mining, steel, bulk and cement sectors.

The axis of the RE-TRack guiding roller consists of one piece of round bar. The tube can rotate around this bar parallel to the conveyor belt. In this way, belt slippage can immediately be corrected.

To ensure maximum grip on the roller, the belt is standard equipped with hot vulcanised lagging with a diamond-shaped profile.

The RE-Track (HD) contains heavy deep groove ball bearings. It is designed in such a manner that it is completely sealed and does not need any maintenance. We deliver the Re-Track (HD) with the inclusion of thermally galvanised mounting brackets.

We offer the RE-Track (HD) in all regular widths in the sizes as indicated below. Of course, we also have other measures available, whatever you wishes are.

Band width Diam Incl. cover material RL in mm AL in mm
650 Ø180 720 1050
800 870 1200
1000 1070 1400
1200 1270 1600
1400 1470 1830
1600 1670 2030
1800 Ø240 1870 2230
2000 2070 2430
2200 2270 2630
2400 2470 2830